• March 4, 2021 – Research Roundtable – Jesse Spector, MD, David Steidley, Ph.D., Host – Bob Rose – Replay on YouTube


  • April 8, 2021 – Writers Roundtable – Part 1 – Martin Miller, Jeff Stage, Charles J. DiComo PhD – Host – Steve Kennedy – Replay on YouTube
  • Topics included:
    1. Types of articles (long, short, technical, social)
    2. Structure of article (style)
    3. Software used to create articles
    4. How much detail to go into based on your audience
    5. Distractions in an article
    6. Peer review and feedback
    7. Dealing with rejections
    8. Images
    9. Topics raised during the discussion
    10. Q and A

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  • April 29, 2021  – Writers Roundtable – Part 2 – Martin Miller, Jeff Stage, Charles J. DiComo PhD, Labron Harris, and Allison Cusick. Host – Steve Kennedy – Replay on YouTube
  • 1. How to determine where to submit an article
    2. Understanding submission guidelines and styles
    3. Relationship with an editor
    4. Self-publishing a print book, kindle, ebook, etc.
    5. Publishing and image software
    6. Building a portfolio of your work
    7. Building a writers resume/bio
    8. Q and A


  • May 13, 2021 – Technology Roundtable – Part 1 – Martin Miller, Charles DiComo, and Scott English, Host Steve Kennedy – Replay on YouTube
      • Part 1 –
        1. Collaborative Tools
             a. Microsoft 365
             b. Google Workspace
        2. Imaging: Software, Storage, and Use
        3. Publishing Tools
             a. Journals
             b. Newsletters
        5. Q and A
  • May 24, 2021 – Technology Roundtable – Part 2 – Martin Miller, Charles DiComo, and Scott English, Host Steve Kennedy – Replay on YouTube
      • Part 2 –
      • Websites
      • Presentations
      • Social media
      • Tips and Tools
      • Q and A
  • September 30 – Florida Postal History – John and Mary Lou Missall
    • Please join the Florida Postal History Society for a Zoom presentation on Thursday, September 30 at 7 pm. The title of the presentation is “Discovering the Seminole Wars.” 

      In the talk, John and Mary Lou Missall will cover all three Seminole Wars and visit sites all over the state that have a connection to the wars, from Pensacola to the Keys. John and Mary Lou are award-winning historians and authors whose primary work focuses on the Seminole Indian Wars. These were the longest, costliest, and deadliest of all the nation’s wars against Native Americans and spanned a period of more than forty years.

      Their historical works include:

      ·         The Seminole Struggle: A History of America’s Longest Indian War from Pineapple Press

      ·         History of the Third Seminole War 1849-1858 (co-authored with Dr. Joe Knetsch) from Casemate Books

      ·         This Torn Land: Poetry of the Second Seminole War from the Seminole Wars Foundation

      ·         This Miserable Pride of a Soldier: The Letters and Journals of Col. William S. Foster in the Second Seminole War from the Seminole Wars Foundation and the University of Tampa Press

      ·         The Army Is My Calling: The Life and Writings of Maj. John Rogers Vinton from the Florida Historical Society Press, and an Enhanced Edition of Woodburne Potter’s classic The War in Florida.

      ·         They also have articles published in The Encyclopedia of War and American Society.

      Their works of fiction include Elizabeth’s War a novel of the First Seminole War, and Hollow Victory a novel of the Second Seminole War, both from the Florida Historical Society Press. Both books have won the prestigious Patrick D. Smith Award for Florida Fiction from the Florida Historical Society. Their latest novel is What We Have Endured, a story of the Seminole Wars co-authored with Tribal Chief Justice Willie Johns.

      John and Mary Lou are also co-authors of Just Havin’ Fun, the biography/memoirs of legendary oil well firefighter Boots Hansen. John has produced three volumes entitled An Ancient Tale New Told, retelling the stories of Shakespeare in prose, using the original text for the character’s conversations. He has also ventured into the realm of Science-Fiction with the publication of Dear Pik: Letters From a Stellar Explorer.

      John has been a life-long student of history, studies Shakespeare, and has taught astronomy courses. Mary Lou has a B.A. from Indiana University and an M.A. from California State University.

      Their books are also available at the Florida Historical Society website at

      Please visit John and Mary Lou’s website at

      Register in advance for this meeting:

       After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.